The ONLY way to cure IBS


It’s no accident that you landed on this page, so great job on following your gut to get here!


Before we talk, I’ve got some questions. 

Your answers below will help us have the most effective interview possible so I can determine if my style and results are a match for you. Your answers will also help me curate the best solution for you. With that said, depending on your answers, you and I may be talking soon… And if we don’t get the chance to talk, you’ll get an email from my team.

And heres a few things you should know.

1. I do not invite just anyone to work with me.

I choose to work with high-level executives who are successful in their career but are suffering silently and looking to not just manage their IBS flare-ups but to CURE them.  This requires commitment and an unwavering DRIVE to heal. Anyone can have it all and really live the dream, but very few will achieve it due to their own limiting stories and fear-based paradigms. This application and interview with me are to determine which camp you’re in.

2. On this call, I will be interviewing you – it is not the other way around.

3. My group program begins at $5k. If you want to CURE your pain AND experience leaps in your life and happiness, then you’ll want to invest over $10K to work with me more intimately.

There are plenty of coaches who are A LOT cheaper but none of them CURE the pain. If this investment scares you off, then that’s intentional. Money is not an issue for my clients, and money definitely won’t stop them from having the most important, non-negotiable, ‘Happily Ever-After’ that they desire.

4. I am the “bitch slap” that you’ve been looking for. Miracles will happen if you do what I say.

I’m sure that you’ve worked with other coaches before you found me. I speak the TRUTH without apprehension or apology, I know how to change your mindset and energy to catalyze results in better health with the flip of a switch. My way of coaching is exactly what you need if you’re still struggling with your health.

So, while I’m a total no-nonsense eminent healer, I’m also sweet as pie and fun as hell.

Now that I’ve set up the dynamic for you, here’s the secret: I’m a blast to work with. We will celebrate so many successes together, I want nothing more than for you to live your ‘Happily Ever After’ (which is something totally better than what you you’ve been running after). I’ll be by your side to help you make that happen. But it’s going to require that you step outside of your comfort zone, it’s going to require you to do things between our calls that can be terrifying – and I am not at all available for your excuses (that’s why my clients get such amazing results!)

See you on the inside. ?
Ellyn Katherine

“Incredible healing experience with Ellyn”

I’ve suffered for years with Fibromyalgia. One 30 minute session with Ellyn helped me in more ways than I could ever describe. If it wasn’t for her healing, I wouldn’t be as aware of my strengths and struggles quite like I am now, but most importantly how to move forward improving my wellbeing, with the tools that she provided me. Thank you Ellyn for your amazing healing experience, my pain lessened and is not as intense as it used to be. I’ll be forever grateful.

Shannon Knot; Veterinary Nurse

“I went from a pain scale of 9 to a 0 after only 30 minutes with Ellyn.”

ZERO! Overall I feel spacious and free in my body. The fear of having a child and trusting in general to my great relief were finally lifted! Living without so much fear has been great and I got so much out of my session with you. I also was super focused and productive in my work after my session and continue to do so.

Elizabeth Stein; Remedial Massage & Belly Therapist  

“Ellyn healed some deep issues altering my self-worth”

Receiving Divine Healing is something that is so wonderful that you cannot put it into words. Ellyn managed to find some deep past issues I had with my dad which cleared during the program. During the week following my first divine healing session, I felt much more confident in what I am doing with my life. 

Sophie Masi,  Reiki Therapist  

“I feel free of pain- finally”

Ellyn straight away found the issues that’s been holding me back. Issues I didn’t really feel bothering me and resolved them all. I would definitely recommend Divine Healing for everyone and most of all recommend Ellyn with no hesitation. 

Joanna Edwards; EFT Practitioner 

“Ellyn healed me when Doctor’s couldn’t”

Prior to meeting Ellyn, I’ve been feeling so lost, not myself and definitely not as happy as I once used to be. With the anxiety, pain and new food sensitivities, I’ve wasted time going to doctors to get “treated” but I still felt shitty. Thanks to Ellyn I finally understand what I’m going through. It’s helped me put new practices in place that make me feel soooo much happier! 

Emily Synder; English Teacher






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